Custom aluminum frame glass doors

About HRX Aluminum aluminum glass doors 300x224HRX is the leading manufacturer of custom  aluminum kitchen cabinet door in South Florida, Texas, South Carolina, Virginia, North Carolina, California, New York, Tennessee, Georgia, West Virginia, Maine, Washington, and many other states.

Our manufacturing headquarters are located in Pembroke Pines. Our mission is to produce the best quality of aluminum frame glass doors for kitchen cabinetry, bathrooms, office, residential and commercial applications. We are also very proud to say that our aluminum doors are made and assembled in the USA using the best material suppliers.

We have the capability to work with designers, contractors and carpenters to be able to finish the job with harmony and precision. We are constantly innovating with new designs of aluminum profiles, as well as different types of inserts. Using different materials like architectural glass, textured films and special paintings we will obtain unique effects on the surface of the furniture.

Aluminum Doors HRX will manufacture your cabinet doors to make sure we not only meet, but exceed our customer’s satisfaction in price, quality and timely delivery.